Elizabeth Warren

Eoin Higgins, staff writer
2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) came under fire Monday for her statement on the Bolivian coup.
"Maybe it's just me, but if you're going to call yourself a progressive who stands up for the little guy you might want to start calling a right wing coup that's resulted in the curbing of democratic freedoms and onslaught of violence... well, a right wing coup."
Julia Conley, staff writer
"Donald Trump has been credibly accused of sexual harassment and sexual abuse...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"There's clearly anxiety from parts of the Democratic Party establishment and...


After years of asserting, "It was we the people, not we the white male citizens," suffragists won their long, un-genteel fight 100 years ago today when Congress passed the 19th Amendment giving (white) women the vote. Amidst a renewed war on women - "Same shit, different century" - we celebrate the steadfast firebrands once reviled as "monstrosities of nature" who kept fighting. Sojourner Truth: "You may hiss as much as you please, but women will get their rights."