Jessica Corbett, staff writer
LA public bus
As Trump administration rolls back environmental regulations, Los Angeles sets example for transitioning public transportation
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"These hard working, small town Americans don't have airports or Uber to turn to; they depend on these trains." (Photo: Damian Gadal/cc/flickr)
President's so-called "skinny budget" will eliminate all federal funding for...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Trump's announcement Wednesday could set in motion rollback of Obama-era...


From Idaho-based start-up Solar Roadways , a brilliant idea that will provide clean energy, cut pollution, keep roads snow-free, revolutionize road safety, eliminate electrical and phone poles, create thousands of jobs, and oh yeah, save the planet. A couple more days to a crowdfunding campaign that has already raised way over their $1 million goal. Detractors raise objections - ie: a projected $56 trillion price tag - but dreams have to start someplace. Their video is almost as brilliant as...