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US Concern for Cuba, Latin America Is Spin For Intervention

Any help or aid from the US always comes with conditions and ulterior motives.

Tamara Pearson ·

Haiti Assassination Raises Red Flags Among Observers Fluent in History of US Intervention

"It's quite striking that the arguments being made for a U.S. intervention in Haiti are so alike the ones that were used to justify the 1915-34 occupation."

Brett Wilkins ·

As the Honduran Coup Turns 12, Human Life Is No More a Priority Than It Was Then

How the events of 2009 in Honduras shaped my worldview.

Belén Fernández ·

From MSNBC to NPR, Corporate "Liberal" Media Propaganda Tells the World: America Is First

Let's do today what Martin Luther King Jr. wisely urged us to do in the past: look at ourselves in the mirror.

Jeff Cohen ·

Why Democracies in G7 & NATO Should Reject US Leadership

When ordinary people all over the world can see the dangers and pitfalls of following the United States as a model and a leader, why do their neoliberal leaders keep showing up to lend credibility to the posturing of U.S. leaders at summits like the G7 and NATO?

Medea Benjamin ·

Consumerism, Another Inheritance From the Slavery System

The new 'help' from Washington would end up imposing a new wave of dictatorships and the carrot of consumerism would impose itself upon every other dimension of human life as an act of faith, an incontrovertible dogma.

Jorge Majfud ·

A True Biden Withdrawal From Afghanistan? Don't Bet on It

Biden has promised an end to the endless wars. But such promises are not easy to keep.

Walden Bello ·

New Cold War on a Burnt Planet? Nothing Could Make Me Sadder

My fears are only growing that the world we're leaving our children and grandchildren could be a hell on earth. The worst part, of course, is that it doesn't have to be this way.

Tom Engelhardt ·

World's Peasant Farmers Unveil 'Anti-Imperialist Manifesto' in Defense of Nature

"Putting a stop to capitalist barbarism is the central task of our time."

Jessica Corbett ·

Biden, Blinken, and the Emperor's New Rules

The newly-touted "rules-based order" by the U.S. is its latest smokescreen for a foreign policy based on illegal threats and uses of force and a doctrine of "might makes right."

Medea Benjamin ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.