Brett Wilkins, staff writer
U.S. troops patrol near Forward Operating Base Baylough in Zabul province, Afghanistan. (Photo: U.S. Army/Public Domain)
White House announcement for complete withdrawal comes nearly two decades after the U.S. president, then a senator, backed the 2001 invasion.
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
U.S. troops in Afghanistan prepare to enter and search a family's home. (Photo: Scott Nelson/Getty Images)
"With today's decision, President Biden recognizes what the people of the...
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Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clarke speaks during a press conference after he joined ISNAD, the defence committee of toppled Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, 28 December 2004 in Amman. (Photo: KHALIL MAZRAAWI/AFP via Getty Images)
"The world is the most dangerous place it's ever been now because of what our...


Amidst Memorial Day's "hyperbolic salutations of soldierly valor," Veterans for Peace marked the day by delivering "Letters to the Wall," one part of a "Vietnam Full Disclosure" project that seeks to present an unadorned accounting of war and its grim costs - this, despite persistent attempts by those in power to maintain their "eerie moral silence." Commemoration is always an act of choosing what to remember, they argue; ours needs to be a warning: "No more Vietnams, no more imperial war."