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Covid-19 Is a Global Threat to Humanity—and Requires an International Response

We cannot end the threat in the United States without ending it everywhere.

Jesse Jackson ·

Revealed: Big Pharma's Plot to Derail US Covid-19 Vaccine Waiver

The Intercept's Lee Fang has obtained confidential documents exposing the pharmaceutical lobby's attempts to recruit lawmakers for anti-TRIPS waiver effort. 

Brett Wilkins ·

On Vaccine Patents, A Light Out of the Darkness

Demonstrators weren't just protesting vaccine patents. They were defying a neoliberal order that uses the luminous products of human intelligence for private exploitation.

Richard Eskow ·

The Media Is Causing Harm by Reporting Official Covid-19 Figures From Poorer Countries

The media needs to stop misreporting Covid-19 numbers now, and desist from minimizing the hardships in the parts of the world that are facing the worst—economically, socially, and health wise—aspects of this pandemic.

Tamara Pearson ·

Viruses Don't Recognize Borders and Neither Should Vaccines

As an Indian American, my family has experienced the worst of this pandemic in two countries. For any of us to be safe, we all need vaccine equity.

Monica Grover ·

There Is Something Wrong With the Herd

The United States won't achieve herd immunity because a significant portion of the herd is suffering from mad cow disease.

John Feffer ·

We Must Push Politics Aside in the Global Race to Vaccinate the World Against Covid-19

The pandemic is truly a global threat that requires a global mobilization.

Jesse Jackson ·

WHO Declares Covid Mutation Found in India a 'Variant of Concern' for Global Health

"I think what we're seeing is more transmissible," said WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan.

Jake Johnson ·

Crucial Next Steps for a Successful People's Vaccine

The world desperately needs the TRIPS waiver and stronger measures to ensure the transfer of knowledge and technology to produce Covid-19 vaccines.

Jayati Ghosh ·

After Bill Gates' Opposition, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Says 'Yes' to 'Narrow' Patent Waivers

"No barriers should stand in the way of equitable access to vaccines, including intellectual property, which is why we are supportive of a narrow waiver during the pandemic."

Andrea Germanos ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.