Kenny Stancil, staff writer
A child waits next to jerry cans and aid packages as Yemenis displaced by conflict receive humanitarian aid provided by the Abs Development Organisation in the northern province of Hajjah on September 17, 2020. (Photo: Essa Ahmed/AFP)
"Our hearts go out to those suffering today, in the sober knowledge that this may turn out to be but a foretaste of the disruptions that may arise in the years to come."
Lisa Newcomb, staff writer
"To give voters the information they need to make political decisions in an...
Lisa Newcomb, staff writer
"This report is a damning exposé of the tactics employed by the plastics...


Though he gets the appeal of free snow cones and penguins, John Oliver is more worried about the environmental impact of an estimated 40,000 eager tourists a year traipsing to and inevitably trashing Antarctica. His solution: A hilarious anti-tourism PSA.