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A Former Lobbyist Explains How the Privatization Movement Is Trying to End Public Education

They all have the same purpose: To undo public education—not only the institution but also the public funding of schools.

Valerie Strauss ·

Critics Warn $15 Billion Merger of Global Water Giants Would Create 'Dangerous Corporate Monopoly'

"Veolia's plan to dominate public water services all across the globe is becoming a terrifying reality."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

The UK's Vaccine Rollout Proves the Superiority of the Universal Health Care Model

Britain's vaccination rate has far outpaced the rest of the West. The triumph belongs to its National Health Service. 

Natasha Hakimi Zapata ·

Greed Drove Big Pharma Companies to Privatize Vaccines Developed With Public Resources

Boris Johnson claimed the UK's vaccine breakthrough was brought about by 'giant corporations that wanted to give good returns to shareholders.' Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nick Dearden ·

How Many More People Have to Die Before We Pass Medicare for All?

My insurance says my cancer drugs aren't "medically necessary." No one should have to fight for care like this. 

Phil Ateto ·

Justin Trudeau’s New 'Public' Bank Delivers for Investors, not for Us

These public-private partnerships ultimately drive up the cost of the projects and leave municipalities with less control over their own infrastructure.

Linda McQuaig ·

The Single Most Dramatic Driver of Our Country's Economic Divide: The Growing Gap Between CEO and Worker Pay

While working families are suffering under the pandemic, corporate boards have bent the rules to protect massive CEO paychecks.

Sarah Anderson ·

The American Rescue Plan Does Not Fix Our Fundamentally Flawed Healthcare System. We Need Medicare for All.

Despite its life-saving importance, the American Rescue Plan continues to protect bloated corporations with our public dollars and does nothing to make healthcare more affordable for the nation. 

Ed Weisbart ·

Rise and Shine: Medicare for All Saves Us All

Stand tall and with the power of our shared commitment and let’s teach more people to be active constituents who push their own Congressional members to co-sponsor the Medicare for All Act of 2021. 

Donna Smith ·

Backing Push for Public Ownership, Tlaib Will Join Virtual Rally to Reclaim Nestlé's Troubled Waters

"Communities across the continent are now calling for Nestlé's existing contracts to end, and for local stewardship over the groundwater."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·