Julia Conley, staff writer
Chinese officials urged the Trump administration on Friday to halt its threats of military action against North Korea and rejected the notion, pushed by the president in recent weeks, that China is responsible for helping to resolve escalating tensions with military threats of its own. "[The US] should refrain from issuing more threats," said Cui...
Jon Queally, staff writer
In the wake of a site-crashing interview with the founder and editor of The...
Julia Conley, staff writer
The UN Security Council unanimously voted to impose sanctions on North Korea Saturday, in an effort to deter the country from continuing its nuclear development.
As the city of Hiroshima, Japan, prepared to mark the 72nd anniversary of the...


Today marks the 25th anniversary of the 1989 massacre of thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. The iconic image of "Tank Man" - whose identity and fate remain unknown - lives on, as do sustained efforts by Chinese officials to erase the memory of the uprising, defiant remembrances of and protests against its violent repression, and the unyielding desire for human rights and vindication by survivors who insist, "The night is long."