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World Bank

Sudan's Democratic Revolution is Being Undermined by the United States

Economic recovery from decades of autocratic misrule is critical for Sudan. The U.S. is maintaining sanctions, effectively punishing the country for the sins of the dictatorship the Sudanese people overthrew.

Stephen Zunes ·

Erasing 30 Years of Progress, Covid-19 Pandemic Could Lead to More Than One Billion People Living in Poverty: Study

"These findings expose the extent of precarity in developing countries, but also the fragility of poverty reductions to any economic shock."

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Led by Sanders and Omar, 300+ Global Lawmakers Call on IMF, World Bank to Cancel All Debt of Poor Nations Amid Covid-19 Crisis

"The steps that our international coalition of lawmakers is proposing are not radical," said Sanders. "It is the very least that these financial institutions should do to prevent an unimaginable increase in poverty, hunger, and disease."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

COVID-19 and the Wasting Disease of Normalcy

The pandemic has brought home what the threats of global destruction by climate change and nuclear war should have long ago—that the promises of normalcy will never deliver in the end. 

Brian Terrell ·

IMF Warns Global Economy Could See Worst Year Since Great Depression Due to 'Magnitude and Speed' of Coronavirus Crisis

"This is the most frightening news the Fund has ever released on the status of our global economy."

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Ilhan Omar Joins Global Call for Debt Relief as Coronavirus Threatens to Push Developing Nations 'Over the Edge'

"We need to cancel all debt developing countries owe the World Bank and IMF," said the Minnesota Democrat.

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

People Power in Romania Stopped a Mining Project. Now the Corporation Is Suing for Billions of Dollars.

Romanian and U.S. environmental justice activists demonstrated in Washington, DC, outside a World Bank tribunal hearing on a case brought by Canadian-based Gabriel Resources.

Stephanie Danielle Roth ·

Protests in the Global South: Ecuador and Chile Facing an Uncertain Economic Order

Protests in the global south, particularly in Chile and Ecuador, appear to be the result of long range monetarist policies that suit the political class and fail large sections of society.

Beatriz Martínez Saavedra ·

Ukraine, the Land of Quid Pro Quos

If we are to take the matter of quid pro quos seriously, we should take the measure of over US$20 billion of aid forcing Ukraine to privatize its land and its economy for the profit of a few Western interests.

Frederic Mousseau ·

World Bank Rankings Promote Deregulation at the Expense of Working People

The highly controversial annual Doing Business report gives governments high marks if they slash taxes and worker protections.

Leo Baunach ·