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100+ AP Staffers Condemn News Agency for 'Sacrifice' of Emily Wilder After Right-Wing Smear Campaign

Wilder's firing has left AP employees "wondering how we treat our own, what culture we embrace and what values we truly espouse as a company."

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

AP Firing Shows Right-Wing Hypocrisy, Illusion of 'Objectivity'

"Beyond the censorious power of the right, there's something else in corporate journalism's culture to blame here, and that is its obsession with 'objectivity'."

Ari Paul ·

What Is the Biden Administration's Policy Towards Israel?

The Biden administration thought it could muddle through with the usual pro-Israel platitudes, but rising awareness of Israeli apartheid is making that impossible.

Phyllis Bennis ·

'Terrible News': Tribune Shareholders Approve $633 Million Sale to Vulture Fund Alden Global

A union leader had urged the newspaper company's second-largest shareholder to vote "no," warning that "Alden ownership would be a disaster for Chicago, democracy, and society at large."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Joe Biden's Hit and Run on the Palestinian People

Palestinian grandmothers living under Israeli occupation don't need Biden’s prayers; they need his intervention.

Amy Goodman ·

Conservative Jewish Journalists Use False Claims of Censorship to Try to Silence Critics

The fact is that while the Jewish right claims they are being silenced or vilified in the media by the left, the Jewish right and its allies have levied harsh criticism toward liberal Jews and have in some cases attempted to deplatform them.

Ari Paul ·

'Solidarity With Emily Wilder': Outrage After AP Fires Staffer Targeted by Anti-Palestinian Rights Group

"This is clearly a case of selective enforcement" of the Associated Press's social media policy, Emily Wilder said after her dismissal.

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Why Israel Blows Up Media Offices and Targets Journalists

The Israeli government is now exerting deadly force on a large scale to underscore an assertion of impunity—in effect, wielding power to subjugate Palestinian people with methodical disregard for their basic human rights.

Norman Solomon ·

Is This the Beginning of the End of Israeli Apartheid?

Israel has already long lost the main legal and moral arguments and is in the process of losing the political argument.

Richard Falk ·

Committee to Protect Journalists Accuses Israel of Trying to 'Shut Down' Gaza Coverage by Bombing Media Outlets

"Deliberately targeting media outlets constitutes a war crime," said Reporters Without Borders.

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·