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'Why aren’t we all with Somalia today?' asks one critic of relatively quiet response to blast that killed more than 300 people in Somalian capital
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Author Margaret Atwood, seen here in 2014, said Saturday that with the election of President Donald Trump, "It feels the closest to the 1930s of anything that we have had since that time." (Photo: Brattle Theatre/flickr/cc)
Author made remarks ahead of receiving award for "political intuition and...
Julia Conley, staff writer
Some worry the guidelines could be "weaponized" by anti-press groups


The latest drivel emanating from Rush Limbaugh - on the Pope sounding downright Marxist in his critique of capitalism "unless it's a deliberate mistranslation by leftists" - has moved a group of Catholics to start a petition denouncing Limbaugh's "incendiary comments." Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, representing yet another segment of society utterly appalled by Rush, note the Pope's stance is "in line with the Church's social teaching." "Contrary to what Mr. Limbaugh suggests, the...