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Citizens United

Sens. Whitehouse and Warren Push Treasury Secretary Yellen to 'Rein In Abuse' of Dark Money Groups

"The IRS's regulation and enforcement related to 501(c)(4) organizations has been woefully inadequate in the post-Citizens United era."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Temporarily' Not Good Enough: Corporate America Called to End Political Giving Once and for All

"The attack at the Capitol warrants more than shallow promises to merely pause political donations. We must rededicate America's grand experiment to its foundational principle—government of, for, and by the people."

Kenny Stancil ·

'A Big Deal': Lawmakers Reintroduce Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

"We cannot allow the wealthiest individuals and corporations to flood our elections with cash through complex webs of super PACs and dark money groups that put special interests above the will of the American people."

Brett Wilkins ·

Sheldon Whitehouse Made the Case That Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination Is a Bag Job

It was planned and executed by a vast and single-minded network of which no parallel exists on the other side.

Charles P. Pierce ·

'What a Healthy Democracy Should Look Like': Connecticut Small-Dollar Campaign Program a Model for Restoring Power to the People

New report details how state initiative leveled the playing field for candidates and ultimately led to better legislative outcomes for communities.

Lisa Newcomb ·

Citizens United: The Court Ruling That Sold Our Democracy

Ten years after Citizens United, the damage is broad and deep—but we can still fix it.

Tiffany Muller ·

Bernie Sanders: 10 Years Fighting Citizens United

"You can’t take on a corrupt system if you take its money."

Brett Wilkins ·

Citizens United at 10: Why Fighting Corruption Is a Racial Justice Issue

In the wake of Citizens United, perhaps the most promising development has been efforts by democracy advocates to link anti-corruption measures with broader, pro-democracy reform.

Chris Kromm ·

As Citizens United Turns 10, We Need Candidates Who Will Fight to Get Money Out of Politics

In the decade since this disastrous Supreme Court ruling, just 11 wealthy people have made 20 percent of super PAC donations.

Tiffany Muller ·

Top Megadonors and Corporations Have Poured Almost $2 Billion Into Politics Since Citizens United

And thanks to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2010, it is not possible to know precisely how much money corporations have channeled into dark money groups that influence elections.

Jessica Corbett ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.