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Citizens United

Study Confirms How Citizens United Made 'Mockery' of Campaign Finance Rules

"We need to pass the Freedom to Vote Act to stop consultants from acting as coordinators between candidates and super PACs."

Brett Wilkins ·

Democrats Have a Choice: Embrace Progressive Populism or Suffer a Trumpian Fascist Future

Neoliberalism is a wounded, dying animal. America is returning to populism, whether our politicians want it or not: the big question is will it be progressive or fascist populism?

Thom Hartmann ·

The Poisonous 'Citizens United' Decision Gave Corporations the Power to Slash and Burn Build Back Better

Our elected representatives are there, in the minds of corporate America, to hand out subsidies and tax breaks, but if they take the smallest step toward protecting the American people from giant corporations or predatory billionaires they’re simply brushed aside like troublesome lint.

Thom Hartmann ·

What Seattle Can Teach the Country About Fixing Our Democracy

Seattle's twin campaign finance reforms—democracy vouchers, and a ban on political spending by foreign-influenced corporations—have proven their merit.

Ron Fein ·

Sheldon Whitehouse Asks Jan. 6 Commission to Probe Links Between Dark Money Groups and Capitol Attack

The senator said the panel "should also examine the extent of any coordination between those groups, the Trump administration, and the members of Congress who objected to the electoral count."

Brett Wilkins ·

Independence Day and the Imperial CEO

In 2021, opposition to freedom comes not from a foreign king and his aristocratic courtiers but from our own domestic elites—the uber-rich of the New Gilded Era.

Daniel JH Greenwood ·

Supreme Court Ruling Delivers 'Dark, Dark Day for Democracy'

"We are now on a clear path to enshrining a constitutional right to anonymous spending in our democracy, and securing an upper hand for dark-money influence in perpetuity."

Brett Wilkins ·

Much Depends on Supreme Court's Review of Dark Money Case

The ruling could give a boost to untraceable campaign donations.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy ·

Just 12 Super-Rich Donors Spent $3.4 Billion to Sway US Elections Since 2009: Study

"The time is now to get big money out of politics, and move to the public funding of elections," said Sen. Bernie Sanders in response.

Kenny Stancil ·

The Terrible Deal Between Corporate America and the GOP Is Alive and Well

Corporations can and should bankroll much of what America needs. But they won't as long as corporations keep bankrolling American politicians.

Robert Reich ·

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