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Corporate Media

Missing Voices in Broadcast Coverage of Afghan Withdrawal

Corporate journalists overwhelmingly leaned on government and military sources, while offering no clear antiwar voices and vanishingly few perspectives from civil society leaders in either Afghanistan or the United States.
Julie Hollar ·

There's No 'Vaccine Mandate'—But That Doesn't Stop WaPo From Asking People How They Feel About It

When journalists gin up controversy over lesser measures, they contribute to public misunderstandings of truth and reality, and make progress in the fight against Covid that much harder.

Julie Hollar ·

SOS: A Plea for Freedom From Misleading Media Narratives on Cuba

Since the beginning of protests in Cuba, the U.S. corporate media have been peddling false narratives and outright lies about the country.

Belén Fernández ·

Infrastructure: Manchin's Significant Coal Profits Not of Interest to Corporate News

Since he took office in 2010, he’s made more than $4.5 million off coal.

Julie Hollar ·

35 Years Later, Looking Back at the Founding of FAIR

One of FAIR's main goals was to take what had been a marginalized progressive media critique and push that critique into the faces of mainstream journalists.

Jeff Cohen ·

Alden Global Capital Is Killing the Newsroom

In the past couple of years Alden's profiteers have steadily plundered the Daily News, eliminating half of its newsroom staff.

Jim Hightower ·

Media Embellish Protests, Downplay Effects of US Sanctions in Cuba

While giving the protests in Cuba a great deal of coverage, the corporate press across the political spectrum consistently downplayed one of the primary causes of unrest: the increasingly punitive U.S. blockade.

Alan MacLeod ·

MSNBC Declines to Voluntarily Recognize Newsroom Union Effort

Organizers said that "we want to support one another and make this an even better place to build a career."

Jessica Corbett ·

Jeff Bezos' Fake News in the Newspaper He Really Owns

Just as it was selling Post readers on the notion that it's lifting folks to a better life, Amazon was being cited by OSHA for a rate of serious workplace injuries nearly double that at other employers.

Janine Jackson ·

Conservative Jewish Journalists Use False Claims of Censorship to Try to Silence Critics

The fact is that while the Jewish right claims they are being silenced or vilified in the media by the left, the Jewish right and its allies have levied harsh criticism toward liberal Jews and have in some cases attempted to deplatform them.

Ari Paul ·

Media Coverage of Israel/Palestine Presents False Equivalency Between Occupied and Occupier

The fatal flaw in the "both sides" narrative is that only the Israeli side has ethnically cleansed and turned millions on the Palestinians' side into refugees by preventing them from exercising their right to return to their homes.

Gregory Shupak ·

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