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Corporate Media

Tucker Carlson’s Racism: Paid for by You

Carlson's enormous paycheck comes out of the pockets of millions of people who never watch his show or anything else on Fox.

Timothy Karr ·

Media Evasions on Racism and the Role of Derek Chauvin

Although it's acknowledged that Black people and other people of color are consistently at the bottom of the caste system, there's no examination of the powerful interests that put them there.

Jeff Cohen ·

Corporate Media Continues to Hit Snooze on Climate Emergency

If we have any hope of addressing the climate crisis, journalists have to move beyond debating its existence or importance, and start looking at both its causes—very concretely, looking at culprits—and its solutions.

Julie Hollar ·

Corporate Media Offers Wall-to-Wall Propaganda Every Day. We Only Notice When a Royal Dies

In normal times the propaganda is better masked, wrapped in the illusion of choice and variety.

Jonathan Cook ·

The Liberal Contempt for Martin Luther King's Final Year

Mainstream media today pretend that King's anti-militarism pronouncements were never uttered, but that was not the case in 1967. Condemnation was swift, emphatic and widespread.

Jeff Cohen ·

NY Times Provides US Government Propaganda by Manufacturing Quote by Top Chinese Official

What Myers does with this deceptive summary of U.S. policy is what I find most striking.

Jim Naureckas ·

For the Right and Corporate Media, Border Is 'Political Crisis,' Not Humanitarian Emergency

The people coming to the border are real people, most of them going through a harrowing and dangerous journey to escape even more harrowing situations.

Julie Hollar ·

Western Media Defends US-Backed Bolivian Coup Leader After Arrest

Brutal dictators supported by Washington have no reason to doubt that establishment journalists and big NGOs will try very hard to keep them out of jail.

Joe Emersberger ·

Dismay Over the Freeing of Lula Da Silva Illustrates the Opposition of the Business Press to Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Financial media were all too happy to see a far-right authoritarian gain power, as long as he implemented pro-rich policies. 

Alan MacLeod ·

UN Rebuke of Crushing US Sanctions on Venezuela Met With Stunning Silence

By omitting the devastating impact of sanctions, corporate media attribute sole responsibility for economic and humanitarian conditions to the Venezuelan government.

John McEvoy ·