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Biden Tells Hispanic Caucus He's Exploring Options to Cancel Student Debt

"This is a sign that we are winning," said the Student Debt Crisis Center.

Jessica Corbett ·

Teaching Honest History

Because Black history is the history of America.

Nancy Braus ·

Top 5 Charter School Myths Debunked

We should take steps to end the charter school model and transition those schools that are working back to the authentic public school system that has served our students well for more than a century.

Steven Singer ·

'Keep Fighting': Schumer 'Making Progress' on Canceling Student Debt

"Write, call, email," urged the Democratic leader, who said President Joe Biden is "more open" to the proposal than ever before.

Julia Conley ·

WaPo Gives Bigots Platform to Control Narrative on Sexual Politics in Schools

These malicious accusations, part of a spreading movement led by Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law, have not a shred of truth to them.

Julie Hollar ·

Federal Spending on Charter Schools Needs Reform

The changes would help make sure that for-profit organizations no longer receive grant money to manage charter schools.

Jeremy Mohler ·

Indiana University Grad Students Are Trying to Unionize—and They Should!

The striking graduate student workers are doing something all too rare on campuses and in our society: they are joining together to speak up for themselves, and refusing to back down in the face of corporate condescension and bullying.

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

Right-Wing College Expanding Charter School Network to Combat 'Progressive' Teaching

"I've never seen a governor attempting to use charters in such an overtly political way," one scholar said after Tennessee invited Hillsdale College to open 50 schools in the state.

Kenny Stancil ·

After Over 4 Decades of Failure, Time to Ban This High-Stakes Standardized Testing Regime

If these standardized tests were going to work as all their backers claimed, they would have done so by now

Steven Singer ·

NY Leaders Commit to Nation's First Fully Zero-Emission School Bus Fleet

"This is a historic win for the over two million students who ride the bus to school in New York."

Andrea Germanos ·

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