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A Few Thoughts on the GOP's Critical Rage Theory

Running out of conspiracy theories to match their IQAnon, Republican politicians have discovered critical race theory as the next worst thing to endanger American civilization.

Pierre Tristam ·

The Public Good: Why I'm Endorsing Maya Wiley for New York City Mayor

The progressive Democratic candidate is a civil rights lawyer whose values and vision align with my own—someone not beholden to billionaires or the powerful real estate industry.

Diane Ravitch ·

Progressives Warn of More GOP Whitewashing of History as Abbott Launches '1836 Project'

"Of course, if they actually did talk about the reasons Texas declared independence from Mexico, it would be a very radical course," said one critic.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

More Than McCarthyism: The Attack on Activism Students Don't Learn About from Their Textbooks

Our students deserve to know that anti-communist repression has always been about a lot more than Russian spies, a blustering senator from Wisconsin, and a blacklist in Hollywood.

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca ·

How One Teacher and Her Students Dealt With a World Unraveling Amid Smoke and Death

The pandemic served as a stark reminder of at least two things: that the nuclear family is not enough and that schools can't be its sole safety net.

Belle Chesler ·

I Fought the Do-Nothing-Incumbent, and He Won

I am a public school teacher, activist and blogger who ran on change and getting things done— education, infrastructure, transportation, jobs, justice. Sounds like a slam dunk, right? Wrong.

Steven Singer ·

Sanders, Murphy Introduce Legislation to Allow College Athletes to Unionize

"Big time college sports haven't been 'amateur' for a long time, and the NCAA has long denied its players economic and bargaining rights while treating them like commodities," said Sen. Chris Murphy.

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

How We Fight Back Against the GOP's New War on Democracy

The core issue is that in order for the imbalance of power to continue to favor the elite,  systemic racism must continue.

James Haslam ·

Jan Resseger: Will the Biden Administration Revive the Failed Policies of NCLB and Obama?

It looks like Biden is winding the clock backward on education.

Diane Ravitch ·

The Far-Right War on History, Education, and Thinking

Knowing the real history of the United States is essential to advancing the struggles of today.

Chuck Idelson ·