Jessica Corbett, staff writer
President Donald Trump
"I never said 'give teachers guns' like was stated on Fake News," Trump tweeted, adding that U.S. should give firearms to "only the best" educators
Julia Conley, staff writer
"We may be too young to vote, but soon we will be able to vote and we will vote...
Julia Conley, staff writer
Students in Needville, Texas are pushing back after their superintendent...


In the name of a sometimes questionable transparency - if you don't like something but can't do much about it, does it help to know about it? - the Defense Department publishes daily reports on the contracts they've awarded. On Jan. 14, it authorized spending over $800 million on military equipment and services. That was down to just under $300 million the next day, when the House passed a massive budget bill that includes $572 billion for defense - down from what was requested, but still...