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With Pompeo's Refusal to Obey Subpoena, Trump Administration 'Actively Obstructing the Impeachment Inquiry'

"You don't get to work for Donald Trump, and then whine about 'bullies.'"

Julia Conley ·

With 'Unlimited Funds to Lie,' Insurance Industry Readies Propaganda Blitz as Medicare for All Surges

"It will not be easy, but we will win this struggle for Medicare for All because, increasingly, the American people understand healthcare is a right and not a privilege," Sen. Bernie Sanders said in response to the industry's plan

Jake Johnson ·

'Deeply Disturbing': Bombshell Piece Exposes 'Unethical' Clinton-DNC Fundraising Deal

Former interim chair of the DNC Donna Brazile highlights the agreement that effectively gave the Clinton team full control of the organization as early as 2015

Jake Johnson ·

Hillary Clinton Under Fire for Supportive Remarks of Far-Right PM Contender in Italy

By claiming that Giorgia Meloni becoming prime minister would represent progress for women, "Hillary is half-endorsing the fascist takeover in Italy the rest of us are desperately working against," said one filmmaker.

Kenny Stancil ·

'Better Late Than Never': AOC Endorses Nina Turner on Eve of Congressional Primary

The New York congresswoman said Turner "will be a powerful voice for policies that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of working people across this country."

Brett Wilkins ·

Progressives to Clinton and Other Corporate Democrats: 'Back Off' on Election Advice

"When conservative Democrats have repeatedly ripped apart the president's agenda while progressives fight to save it, it's frankly bizarre to watch the media conversation focus on the risks of 'going too far left.'"

Julia Conley ·

US Progressive Caucus Hails Honduran Election as Chance for 'New Chapter' in Relations

"We encourage the Biden administration to use this opportunity to make a clean break with previous presidential administrations, which worked to ensure that the 2009 coup d'état succeeded."

Brett Wilkins ·

Don't Use Girls as Justification for Bombing Afghanistan, Again

Dear British feminists, Western military intervention is never a good thing.

Nandini Archer ·

Nina Turner Kicks Off '$27 Dollar Donation Challenge' After Hillary Clinton Endorses Establishment Candidate in Ohio

"While the establishment is doing everything they can to stop our movement," the progressive candidate said, "we will continue elevating the issues."

Jake Johnson ·

Sister Dianna Ortiz—US Nun Who Survived Guatemala Torture and Became Human Rights Champion—Dies at 62

"Dianna walked through the very worst of hell and came out with love... Her legacy is a witness to nonviolence and to love in the face of evil and to redemption. That's her legacy, to teach us that that's possible."

Brett Wilkins ·

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