Hillary Clinton

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Comey's greatest legacy was helping throw the election to Trump because he wanted to maintain his above-the-fray brand for the speaking circuit and entrapping scores of mentally unwell Muslims because he needed to justify the FBI's bloated budget."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Why is Clinton even taking a call from such a monstrous person?"
Jon Queally, staff writer
As Russia probe increasingly gives rise to concerns about obstruction of...


Dark day. And lots more coming. But amidst the tears and rage and shame we live in a country where hate, for now, has won, there's a resolve to move past the heartsickness, invoke our better angels, and keep fighting for what's right - per Joe Hill 's "Don't mourn - organize." Among the few glimpses of light - Arpaio, Duckworth, our own Pious Ali - the brightest may be the startlingly blue electoral map of America's young. "This," notes one hopeful observer, "is how the future voted."