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Socialists Win in Portugal in Rebuke to Far-Right Populism

The center-right Social Democratic Party had its worst result in over three decades.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

This "Strong Man" Populism Is Alarmingly Familiar to People Here Fleeing Human Rights Abuses

The Trump and Johnson administrations’ attacks on the judiciary and lawmakers are part of a broader rise of authoritarianism, and must be seen alongside shocking recently unearthed comments about the use of torture.

Sonya Sceats ·

Why Is America’s Suicide Epidemic Hitting Trump’s Base So Hard?

The death(s) of the working class in the age of Trump

Rajan Menon ·

The Divisive Center vs. The Unifying Left

Bernie Sanders did more than just win the Fox News Town Hall, he revealed a different way of bringing the country together

Peter Bloom ·

Abolish the Electoral College, Empower the People

Republicans don't respect Americans enough to let them pick their own president

Robert P. Alvarez ·

"Erin Brockovich of Slovakia" Elected Nation's First Female President

Win by anti-corruption campaigner and lawyer seen as win for pro-European Union forces

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

It's Not Socialism; It's What the People Want

Far from socialism, this is democratic populism, reversing decades of government policies that take from the many to give to the wealthy few

Jim Hightower ·

Democrats Need to Think Big for 2020

We need a true populist, someone who is able to detail how Trump has betrayed the very workers he claims to serve

Robert Borosage ·

Push, Push, Push: How Movements Succeed

Push on we must, for it's the only way We the People have ever made progress toward the democratic society we seek

Jim Hightower ·

What Swings the Swing Voter?

Today,  a similar common denominator unites every identity group with every economic populist: All have much to gain from policies that address rising inequality

Les Leopold ·