New York

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Today shows that vulnerable communities face barriers to the vote. Long lines, late poll openings, and more show voter suppression is a threat to democracy."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Tonight we are proving that the people's movement in New York isn't an...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Everything that keeps the majority of us oppressed is what we designed this...


Yes, It Could Happen Here: When Nazis Came to New York
With Trump's latest crime against "the other" - immigrants may have to choose between food and green card - a timely new book considers the threat of a "21st-century master of divisive rhetoric" whose toxic mix of fear, lies, and scapegoating uncannily echos an earlier monster. If you think that's a stretch, see "A Night At the Garden," documenting the 1939 night when 20,000 New Yorkers came to cheer Nazis on - chilling proof "most humans have dark passions inside us, waiting to be stirred up."