Marco Rubio

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A vast expanse of toxic waste fills the tailings dam on April 21, 2011, frequently whipped up by strong winds dumping mllions of tonnes of radioactive materials toward surounding villages where farmers blame the state-owned giant Baogang Group, China's largest producer of rare earths and a major iron ore miner and steel producer, for poisoning their fields and ruining their livelihoods near Baotou city in Inner Mongolia
Processing of rare earths has unleashed environmental catastrophe in China
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"Every bomb sold to Saudi Arabia is another bomb for Saudi bomber jets to drop...
Jon Queally, staff writer
Democratic frontrunner characterizes effort to overthrow elected goverment of...


Some uncommon responses to Santa Fe aka another goddamn massacre in the only country that has them. Houston's police chief "hit rock bottom" and called for action, a National Die-In is set for the June 12th anniversary of the Pulse shooting, and kids have started the fierce, tragic #IfIdieInASchoolShooting: "Put my body in the parking lot of the NRA...I will never get to g raduate/buy a car/live...Politicize the fuck out of my death....Do not cry but sing, sing songs of liberty."