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Biden Turns His Back on Yemen

While he is a welcome change from the incompetence, venality, and cruelty of the Trump Administration, Biden has continued the Obama and Trump Administrations' support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen.
Aisha Jumaan ·

A Tale of Two Presidencies: Biden's First 100 Days

When it comes to economic issues, the Biden administration has shown some surprising progressivism. On foreign policy, not so much.

Max B. Saw­icky ·

Can Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton Send a Message to the Saudi Government?

His willingness to speak out comes at an opportune time, as 2021 is the first year that Formula 1 will go to Saudi Arabia.

Danaka Katovich ·

Here's What the US Must Do to Help End Humanitarian Emergency in Yemen

Amanda Catanzano, International Rescue Committee's Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, testified at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Yemen.

Amanda Catanzano ·

The Saudi Lobby Moves from K Street to Main Street

How to make a gulf monarchy all-American.

Ben Freeman ·

Biden's Drone Wars

Talk of peace in Afghanistan, Yemen, the streets of the U.S., is not coherent while waging wars with drones.

Brian Terrell ·

'Shame': Biden to Advance Trump-Era Sale of $23 Billion in F-35s and Armed Drones to UAE

"We have to stop choosing political expediency over human rights," said Kate Kizer of Win Without War.

Jake Johnson ·

Pressure on Biden to End Yemen Blockade Builds With New Letter From Lawmakers

Rep. Ro Khanna says members of Congress are "assessing" whether a War Powers Resolution is needed to fully end U.S. involvement.

Jessica Corbett ·

Yemen Is a Public Health Catastrophe

The country's civilians have been the unwilling participants in a proxy war that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and has left the public health system in shambles.

César Chelala ·

As Activists' Hunger Strike Reaches Day 13, Calls Mount for Biden to End US Complicity in Starvation of Yemen

"My pain cannot amount to that of Yemenis under siege," said one hunger striker. "I am starving, but I am not being starved. I am suffering, but I can choose to end that suffering."

Jake Johnson ·

Hunting in Yemen

"It's not normal for people to live like this," says Iman Saleh, now on her thirteenth day of a hunger strike demanding an end to war in Yemen.

Kathy Kelly ·

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