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Progressives Demand End to US Involvement on 7th Anniversary of Saudi-Led War on Yemen

"American complicity in this humanitarian disaster has persisted for too long," said a group of congressional lawmakers, "and we will not allow it to continue."

Kenny Stancil ·

Yemen Faces 'Unimaginable Suffering' as US-Backed Saudi War Enters Eighth Year

"After seven years of war, Yemenis are desperate for peace—instead they are facing yet more death and destruction."

Jenna McGuire ·

War Crimes and the Lie of American Innocence

Our hypocrisy on war crimes makes a rules-based world, one that abides by international law, impossible.

Chris Hedges ·

28 Million in East Africa at Risk of Extreme Hunger as Ukraine Crisis Reverberates

"To not act now would be immoral and a dereliction of the humanitarian imperative," said Oxfam International's executive director.

Brett Wilkins ·

The People of Yemen Suffer Atrocities, Too

The ghastly blockade and bombardment of Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is now entering its eighth year.

Kathy Kelly ·

Ukraine, International Law, and the History of Hospital Bombings

From the war in Afghanistan and the US-backed Saudi intervention in Yemen to the Israeli campaigns in Gaza and the Syrian civil war, in recent years hospitals have constantly been bombed by military forces under the guise of counterterrorism.

Neve Gordon ·

'Countdown to Catastrophe': UN Agencies Warn of Hunger Emergency in 'Overlooked' Nation

"Unless we receive substantial new funding immediately, mass starvation and famine will follow," said the U.N. food program chief of the crisis in Yemen.

Andrea Germanos ·

Let's Call the West’s Bias Over Ukraine for What It Is—Blatant Racism

Two standards have been applied by the West: Rush to help Ukraine against the foreign invader, but no mercy missions to Yemen, Gaza, Syria, or Myanmar for that matter.

Peter Oborne ·

Amid Escalating Violence, UN Officials Call for End to Yemen War

"Allowing the war to continue is a choice—and so is ending it," the special envoy for Yemen told the U.N. Security Council.

Kenny Stancil ·

Civilian Casualties in Yemen Nearly Doubled Since Saudis Backed Ouster of Outside Monitor

"The removal of this crucial human rights investigative body took us back to unchecked, horrific violations," said Erin Hutchinson of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Andrea Germanos ·

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