Julia Conley, staff writer
"The bombing campaign that has caused the cholera outbreak could not happen without us."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
starving Yemeni child
U.S. lawmakers brush off questions from Intercept reporter about military...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Civilians walk through the destroyed city of Sadah, Yemen, on June 15, 2015.  (Photo: Sebastiano Tomada/Getty Images)
"If access shuts off entirely, even for a single week, then disaster will be...


Mohammed Al-Qawli, an educational consultant in Yemen, remains haunted by the day in January 2013 when he spent hours trying to collect the burned body parts of his brother Ali, a schoolteacher, and his cousin Salim, a student, both "accidentally" killed in a U.S. drone strike. Now Al-Qawli and rights group Reprieve are mounting a legal challenge against the U.K government for failing to investigate human rights violations by a British communications giant allegedly facilitating the killings of...