Nadia Prupis, staff writer
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange responded to CIA director Mike Pompeo's characterization of WikiLeaks as a "hostile non-state intelligence agency" and other remarks in an interview with journalist Jeremy Scahill, released Wednesday on Scahill's Intercepted podcast . Although he said he "quite liked the phrase" Pompeo used, Assange said the CIA...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Physical hacking techniques, such as intercepting phone shipments, was something that had been previously hinted at in documents released by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. (Photo: Toshiyuki IMAI/cc/flickr)
On the tails of its damning CIA hacking bombshell , WikiLeaks on Thursday...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
An MQ-9 Reaper lands in Afghanistan. (Photo: U.S. Airforce)
Under former President Barack Obama, covert operations flourished with the...


Because no one has yet been held accountable for U.S. torture practices widely deemed "sadistic and terrifying," two open-government and FOIA activists are suing the CIA for its continued secrecy about its alleged secret surveillance of Senate lawmakers secretly investigating secret Bush-era torture. Welcome to the most transparent - and Kafkaesque - administration in history.

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