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'Unfreeze Afghan Funds' Demanded After 13,000 Newborns Die From Malnutrition

"This suffering is on the U.S. government," said CodePink.

Julia Conley ·

Ukraine, International Law, and the History of Hospital Bombings

From the war in Afghanistan and the US-backed Saudi intervention in Yemen to the Israeli campaigns in Gaza and the Syrian civil war, in recent years hospitals have constantly been bombed by military forces under the guise of counterterrorism.

Neve Gordon ·

Social Democracy Lands Finland Atop World Happiness Ranking

"World leaders should take heed," said economist Jeffrey Sachs. "Politics should be directed as the great sages long ago insisted: to the well-being of the people, not the power of the rulers."

Kenny Stancil ·

Declassified Docs Show CIA Used Prisoner as a Torture Training Prop

"Twenty years later, none of the those responsible for the CIA's heinous regime of torture were ever prosecuted," lamented Rep. Ilhan Omar. "Instead they got promotions."

Brett Wilkins ·

Biden's Sanctions on Afghanistan Could Kill More Civilians Than Two Decades of War

22.8 million Afghans—more than half the population—are facing acute food insecurity. Lift Biden administration's hold on billions of central bank reserves.

Mark Weisbrot ·

Ex-Diplomats, Aid Workers Demand US/EU End 'Reprehensible' Seizure of Afghan Funds

"Unless urgent action is taken to release the Afghan reserves," warns a new letter, "the misery of the people will only get worse, with catastrophic consequences in Afghanistan and beyond."

Jake Johnson ·

Biden Urged to Prevent 'Catastrophe' by Reversing Seizure of Afghan Funds

"The Biden administration's executive order from February 11th is deeply misguided, but it's not too late to change course."

Jake Johnson ·

Afghanistan on the Brink of Catastrophic Disaster

A million children could die of starvation.

Robert C. Koehler ·

House Progressives Urge Biden to Release Afghan Funds 'Before It's Too Late'

"Frozen assets belonging to the Afghan people should be released and used to restore the country's economy," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

Andrea Germanos ·

China Denounces US as 'Bandits' for Seizing $7 Billion as Afghans Starve

Global outrage has continued to grow since the Biden administration stole Afghanistan's foreign reserves with nearly 23 million Afghans facing acute hunger.

Kenny Stancil ·

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