Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A mother holds her malnourished child to be weighed as he receives treatment at Al-Jumhori hospital in Saada province, March 19, 2020.
"Meanwhile, those at the top are continuing to make a profit."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
A small "left-right anti-war coalition," warns The Intercept 's Glenn Greenwald...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"After nearly 19 years, over 147,000 casualties and total costs over a trillion...


Little noted by a mainstream media willfully blind to America's ongoing human rights abuses, Mohamedou Ould Slahi's "endless world tour" of detention and torture over 14 harrowing years at Guantánamo may come to a close after being cleared Wednesday for release. The author of the searing Guantánamo Diary and reportedly Gitmo's most tortured prisoner, Slahi - it is vital we remember this - was never charged with a crime.