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Hugo Chávez

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-Supported Coup

The Trump-orchestrated plan of creating a parallel government in Venezuela and then simply taking over diplomatic premises is totally illegal

Medea Benjamin ·

Assange’s ‘Conspiracy’ to Expose War Crimes Has Already Been Punished

If the law should have protected Manning, who was at the very heart of the "conspiracy" to expose gruesome crimes, then it obviously should protect Assange

Joe Emersberger ·

Vietnam to Venezuela: US Interventionism and the Failure of the Left

The modern U.S. empire has run roughshod over the interests and desires of foreign nations and their people for more than a century, but that history should call for pause as the bipartisan interventionist consensus gears up once again, this time in an effort to topple the legitimately elected government of Venezuela

Adolph Reed Jr. ·

Venezuela, US Solidarity, and the Future of Socialism

Despite committed work by relatively isolated intellectuals and activists, too many social democrats in the US—willing to attack Trump on almost anything else—have either remained relatively quiet or (worse) largely accepted the premises of his imperialist foreign policy

Steve Striffler ·

Everyone Washington Supports, by Definition, Is a Moderate Centrist

The corporate and mainstream U.S. media continue to present Juan Guaidó in Venezuela not as a conservative (or further still to the right), but as a centrist social democrat who can unite a fractured nation. That's ridiculous.

Alan MacLeod ·

To Help Venezuela, the U.S. Must Use Diplomacy, not a Military Coup

Fomenting regime change—by a soft coup, by economic sabotage, by fostering a military revolt—is likely to lead to more violence and more suffering

Jesse Jackson ·

Venezuela-Baiting: How Media Keep Anti-Imperialist Dissent in Check

The reality is that nothing but complete capitulation to this extractive right-wing tactic will be accepted

Alan MacLeod ·

Notes From the Streets of Venezuela—The People Are Resilient in the Face of Foreign Intervention

'We will fight against any attack on Venezuela. We will defend ourselves.”

Vijay Prashad ·

How to Avoid a War in Venezuela

When the United States chose to recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s president – along with a group of Latin American countries – and ban oil trade with the Maduro government, it was betting that the pressure would be sufficient to topple the regime quickly. So, now what?

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

Cold Warrior Elliott Abrams Returns to Battle in Venezuela

The US has chosen a prominent warmonger to promote 'democracy' in Venezuela

Belén Fernández ·

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