Jessica Corbett, staff writer
US troops
Security forces around the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad fired tear gas and stun grenades at demonstrators who gathered for a second day straight.
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"This may be the beginning of the end for the U.S. occupation."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Thousands of miles away from its own border, the United States is causing...


A small feel-good sliver in a feel-bad framework: Pihcintu, a sweet-voiced, multicultural chorus of refugee girls and women here in Portland, sang today at the U.N. to celebrate a new Global Compact on Refugees aimed at supporting the largely poor countries that host the world's 25-million-plus refugees. The compact, which will help the U.N give food, shelter and succor like that once accorded Pihcintu members, was approved by all but two countries; the U.S. was one.