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Peace With Iran Is a Good Thing

Trump allows himself to be played like a fiddle, complicit with the neocon’s latest nefarious schemes that reveal him as a second-rate player; deteriorating before the public with a history of clumsy international gaffe

Renee Parsons ·

'Genocidal': Trump—Who Claims He Doesn't Want War—Threatens 'Official End of Iran'

"President Trump's saber-rattling about Iran has reached a dangerous new low with his threat to 'end' Iran—a country of 83 million men, women, and children."

Jake Johnson ·

Pompeo in Baghdad to Pressure Iraq to Join Press Against Iran; Iraq Declines

Bolton and Pompeo are warmongers and like the idea of bullying Iran, and they are also closely tied to the fascist Likud Party in Israel, which has been plumping for a war on Iran for decades

Juan Cole ·

Why Did Bush Go to War in Iraq? The Answer Is More Sinister Than You Think

No, it wasn't because of WMDs, democracy or Iraqi oil.

Ahsan I Butt ·

Christchurch: When Simply Being a Muslim Is Your Biggest Crime

The sediment of hatred and discrimination directed at Muslims slowly builds up over time and it is not only the most hateful and dark places online or in the world that lay the groundwork for explosions of hatred and violence such as this

Christian Christensen ·

The Right May Finally Get Its War on Iran

Unless much stronger anti-war forces can be organized in coming months, that danger appears extremely serious

Gareth Porter ·

Trump Says He Wants US Troops in Iraq to "Watch Iran." Iraqis' Response: Get Out

"Trump did not ask us to keep U.S. troops to watch Iran," says Iraqi president. "He didn't ask permission from Congress either," says one observer.

Andrea Germanos ·

Death and Disappearance: Inside the World of Privatised War

“The industry has grown up and the US has gone away and stopped paying attention. It’s crazy now—Vegas meets military action.”

Abigail Fielding-Smith ·

Who’s Running John Bolton to Start a War With Iran? He Worried Even Mad Dog Mattis

Bolton has been agitating for a war on Iran for two decades

Juan Cole ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.