Lauren McCauley, staff writer
The announcement that FARC rebels were excluded from the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday was met with some shock and outrage by observers who argued it was a "cowardly" move on the part of the committee. The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the prize to the conservative president for his efforts "to...
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
In an outcome described as "shocking," "painful," and "unspeakably sad,"...
Nika Knight, staff writer
Colombians celebrate the signing of the peace accord in Bogotá on Wednesday.
After almost four years of negotiations and over 50 years of war, Colombia's...


This Mother's Day, Americans will buy over $2 billion worth of cut flowers for their doubtless worthy mothers. Alas, other worthy mothers - many in Colombia's Bogotá Savanna - will have often produced them, enduring injuries, pesticides, birth defects and obscenely low wages for your pleasure. Also their kids sometimes. Maybe get her a (locally grown) perennial instead?