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UN Chief Condemns Airstrikes on Key Ukrainian Port Hours After Grain Deal

"Yesterday, all parties made clear commitments on the global stage to ensure the safe movement of Ukrainian grain and related products to global markets."

Jake Johnson ·

'A Beacon of Hope': UN Chief Lauds Deal to Export 20+ Million Tons of Ukrainian Grain

The agreement, said António Guterres, will "bring relief for developing countries on the edge of bankruptcy" and "help stabilize global food prices which were already at record levels even before the war."

Jessica Corbett ·

The Treasury Department Could Prevent Widespread Global Starvation With No Cost to US Taxpayers

As hunger threatens millions, the Biden administration should give its OK for the IMF to distribute financial backing to the world's poorest countries.

Mark Weisbrot ·

'It's Only Getting Worse': IMF Chief Says Global Recession Risk Rising

"It is going to be a tough 2022—and possibly an even tougher 2023," warned Kristalina Georgieva, who heads the neoliberal financial institution.

Brett Wilkins ·

Just How Much Bigger Is the US-NATO Military Force Than Russia's?

The Atlantic Alliance has called Moscow its 'most significant and direct threat,' but how do both sides' militaries actually compare?

Anatol Lieven ·

The Global NATO Alliance, the European Left, and the Crack in Everything

The Democratic Party is unquestioningly supporting an endless proxy war and has been reluctant to press President Biden to prioritize a negotiated settlement to the war.

Joseph Gerson ·

Corporate Media Continue Double-Standard on When 'Self-Determination' Is a Good Thing

An American public that the corporate media have given only part of the story is more likely to acquiesce to a war with no end in sight.

Gregory Shupak ·

Model Shows Nuclear War Would Cause Millennia-Long 'Little Ice Age'

"We hope that this new study will encourage more nations to ratify the ban treaty," one of the paper's co-authors said, referring to the landmark Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Brett Wilkins ·

Surging Prices Amid Ukraine War Have Pushed 71 Million People Worldwide Into Poverty

As the cost-of-living crisis intensifies, said one U.N. official, "the threat of increased social unrest grows by the day."

Julia Conley ·

Russian Official Makes Nuclear Threat Over US Support for Ukraine War Crimes Probe

Another official responded to Western sanctions by suggesting that Russia could reclaim Alaska.

Brett Wilkins ·

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