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MIGOP Invokes Holocaust to Oppose Gun Violence Prevention Bills

Party’s Latest Scandal: Tweeting Antisemitic Statements


The Michigan Republican Party has once again proven itself to be a vehicle for spreading hate. Today, their Twitter account tweeted a message to oppose sensible gun violence legislation in meme format, using what appears to be an image of seized wedding rings from Holocaust victims after the Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated, with text on top which reads, “Before they collected all these wedding rings… … they collected all the guns.”

In response, Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan, made the following statement:

“It would be nice if the Michigan Republican Party went one day without veering into disgusting rhetoric, but here we are. Let’s be clear: this is not the result of new, more extreme leadership at the party. It’s been a consistent pattern from Michigan Republicans to use the Holocaust in order to score cheap political points, whether during the pandemic to oppose public health protections or to oppose abortion rights. This is all while their current chair spoke at a QAnon conference and made antisemitic statements on the campaign trail last year.

“This is nothing new from Michigan Republicans, but we cannot remain silent as they continue their shameful assault on Jewish people, immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and others. Despite their efforts to divide us, we must remain united to build a safer and more inclusive Michigan.”

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