Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Welcome to Quebec sign
So many asylum seekers are pouring over the Canadian border from the United States that authorities opened Montreal's Olympic stadium—a 56,000-seat arena and one of the city's most famous landmarks—as a temporary welcome center on Wednesday.
Julia Conley, staff writer
Transcripts released by the Washington Post Thursday show Trump arguing over immigration policy with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.
Transcripts obtained by the Washington Post show President Donald Trump's...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on Wednesday reported that an...


With the sweep of his pen, President Donald Trump caused the U.S. immigration system to go into total disarray and sowed global chaos and confusion on Friday afternoon. The executive order he signed at 4:42 p.m. suspended all Syrian refugees from entering the country indefinitely, prohibited any other refugees from coming into the country for 120 days, and banned foreign nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries from visiting the country for 90 days. Refugees and people were caught...