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An Epochal Decline in American Global Power

The most volatile flashpoint In Beijing's grand strategy for breaking Washington's geopolitical grip over Eurasia lies in the contested waters between China's coast and the Pacific littoral, which the Chinese call "the first island chain."

Alfred W. McCoy ·

Biden Urged to 'Engage Diplomatically' With Russia to 'Avert a Military Conflict' Over Ukraine

Continued talks are necessary, a coalition told the president, to prevent any action that would "risk spiraling into a potentially catastrophic war between the world's two leading nuclear powers."

Jessica Corbett ·

Nuclear War Over Ukraine?

Bankrupt America is in no position to fight for Ukraine.

Eric Margolis ·

'No Military Solution' to Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Say Expert Voices

"The hawkish outcry for more sanctions, more weapons, NATO membership for Ukraine, and an even more confrontational stance toward Russia is exceedingly dangerous."

Brett Wilkins ·

'No Winners in a Nuclear War': US, Russia, China, UK, and France Issue Rare Joint Statement

However, disarmament campaigners noted that the five nations are "expanding nuclear arsenals, spending billions on modernizing, and constantly prepared to start a nuclear war."

Brett Wilkins ·

As Putin Asserts Russia's Right to Defend Against NATO, US Urged to Avoid 'New Cold War'

While the Biden administration vows to "stand up for Ukraine," one expert implored U.S. leaders to "recognize our own provocations and aggressions" and to "make an effort to understand Russia."

Brett Wilkins ·

Defense Minister Says Russia to Boost Military Over 'Increased NATO Activity' Near Border

The move amplifies pressure on the Biden administration to "step back from the brink of a U.S.-Russia war, and then from the larger Cold War with China and Russia that they have so blindly and foolishly stumbled into."

Jessica Corbett ·

The High Stakes of the U.S.-Russia Confrontation Over Ukraine

Americans should beware of romanticizing the "old" Cold War as a time of peace, simply because we somehow managed to dodge a world-ending nuclear holocaust.

Medea Benjamin ·

Dems Urge Biden to 'Reduce Nuclear Weapons Risks' in Summit With Chinese President

"China's test of an orbital bombardment system is only a 'Sputnik moment' if we let it result in a new arms race," lawmakers say, highlighting the United States' massive stockpile.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Needlessly Provocative': Austin Rebuked for Again Opening NATO Door to Ukraine and Georgia

"The Biden administration now faces a stark choice: commit to fight for Ukraine, creating a serious risk of war with Russia, or admit that NATO expansion has come to an overdue end."

Brett Wilkins ·

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