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Chicago Mayor Announces $5 Million Fund for City Residents Excluded From Federal Covid-19 Relief

The program to serve undocumented individuals, people who were formerly incarcerated, and others is just the latest local initiative launched amid a lacking federal response to the pandemic.

Jessica Corbett ·

Newsweek Fails to Note That White House Reopening Guidelines Make Absolutely No Sense

It's critically important that media provide accurate reporting on what our governments are choosing to do, and what price we are likely to pay for their choices.

Jim Naureckas ·

ACLU Sues Tech Firm to Halt 'Unlawful, Privacy-Destroying' Facial Recognition Activities

Clearview AI's behaviors, said one attorney, "represent one of the largest threats to personal privacy by a private company our country has faced."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Moronic But Consistent': Outrage Over Trump Admin Giving PPE to Private Companies, Not States

"They screwed up the one apparatus—supply chain delivery—that didn't need to be fixed."

Eoin Higgins ·

'Ticking Time Bombs': Democrats and Advocates Demand Release of At-Risk Inmates Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Without "bold action" to reduce the incarcerated population, "we will face a humanitarian crisis of enormous magnitude."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Critical Victory for the Progressive Movement': Marie Newman Ousts Right-Wing Democrat Dan Lipinski

"This isn't just a loss for one incumbent. It's a defeat for machine politics and big corporate donors who want to stop our movement for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and reproductive rights."

Jake Johnson ·

'Appallingly Irresponsible': Though Ohio Shuts Down Primary Election Over Coronavirus, Other States Go Forward

"Officials who promised that they had extremely serious plans to make voting in person in the middle of a pandemic safe were not telling the truth."

Eoin Higgins ·

'Just the Beginning': Illinois Gov. Pardons Over 11,000 on Eve of Recreational Cannabis Legalization

"This is just the first wave of Illinoisans who will see a new world of opportunities emerge as they shed the burden of their nonviolent cannabis-related convictions and records."

Jessica Corbett ·

Danny Glover Supports Landmark Reparations Fund in Chicago Suburb

The Hollywood actor spoke at an Evanston town hall in support of a new policy to use revenue from marijuana legalization to narrow racial economic gaps.

Sarah Anderson ·

Demanding 'Education Justice and Equality,' Striking Chicago Teachers Call on Mayor to Put Campaign Promises In Writing

"We mean business. It's got to be about shifting and transforming the infrastructure of inequity."

Julia Conley ·

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