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Save Santa’s Home

In a single night, he defies space and time as he travels to every country on a flying sled and somehow fits down every chimney. The least we could do in exchange is not melt his natural habitat.

Andrew Slack ·

Under Pressure From Climate Activists, World's Largest Insurance Market to Ditch Coal, Tar Sands, and Arctic Projects

"An Insure Our Future welcomed the step but also said that "Lloyd's 2030 deadline is not justified by climate science and the urgent need for action."

Jessica Corbett ·

In 'Huge Victory for Polar Bears and Our Climate,' Court Rejects Trump Approval of Offshore Drilling Project in Arctic

While welcoming the win, activists vowed to continue fighting against destructive oil and gas extraction in the region.

Jessica Corbett ·

As Lame-Duck Trump Pushes for Arctic Pillage, Bank of America Latest Bank to Rule Out Drilling in Alaska Wildlife Refuge

"Now that every major American bank has stated unequivocally that they will not finance this destructive activity, it should be clearer than ever that any oil company considering participating in Trump's ill-advised lease sale should stay away."

Andrea Germanos ·

'Now Do #TarSands': TD Bank Urged to Go Further on Climate After Nixing Arctic Projects

"It no longer makes business sense for banks to back polluting projects, and those that plan for a low-carbon future will prosper in the economies of tomorrow."

Andrea Germanos ·

Researchers Thought It Would Be At Least 30 Years Before Arctic Ice Time Capsule Was Found. It Took Just Two.

"Meanwhile many people in high places are still in denial about the reality of climate change. How much proof do we need?" 

Julia Conley ·

Researchers Worry Methane Discovery in Arctic Ocean Could Signal Dangerous New Climate Feedback Loop

"Climate warming is awakening the 'sleeping giants' of the carbon cycle," warned one researcher.

Brett Wilkins ·

'Frightening Milestone': Scientists Sound Alarm Over Record Amount of Open, Iceless Sea in the Arctic

This is the first time in recorded history that the Laptev Sea has not yet started freezing this late into October.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Demented': Oil Giant Refreezing Rapidly Melting Permafrost So It Can Keep Climate-Killing Arctic Drilling Alive

The effort represented such "mindless idiocy" for many that ran a "help us out with this caption" contest in response.

Jon Queally ·

'Another Alarm Bell in the Climate Emergency' as Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Second Lowest Extent on Record

"We are headed towards a seasonally ice-free Arctic Ocean, and this year is another nail in the coffin."

Andrea Germanos ·

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