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'The IEA Is Starting to Get It': World Energy Body Praised for Finally Admitting Fossil Fuels Must Stay in the Ground

"Today's bombshell report from the International Energy Agency is easy to translate," said Bill McKibben. "Anyone who continues to engage or invest in fossil fuel development is wrecking the climate."

Kenny Stancil ·

Who Else Might Like Medicare for All? Retired Coal Miners Who Just Had Their Health Benefits Ripped Away

Virginia billionaire says that while he recognizes the nullification of the coal miners' health package and union contract is "painful," the pain is necessary for the sale to be worthwhile to an investor like him

Jon Queally ·

Report on President's Environmental Record So Far 'Reminds Us That Trump Soap Opera Has Dire Real-World Consequences'

"We are sort of powerless," a Fort Berthold Indian Reservation resident said of Trump's rollbacks on pollution rules. "This is our reality now."

Jessica Corbett ·

The Myth of 'Clean Coal': Power for Southern People Not Southern Company

It is imperative that we the people begin to hold Southern Power and its subsidiaries responsible for the economic and climate damage they have caused in our communities.

Artis Burney ·

'Their Price Strategies Are Bearing Fruit': Oil and Coal Profits Surge 340%

A leading economist urged policymakers to "address corporate profiteering as a driver of inflation by reining in megacorporations and addressing the unsustainably high prices facing families around the country."

Kenny Stancil ·

'Big Win' for Public Lands and Climate as US Judge Reinstates Coal Lease Ban

"It's past time that this misguided action by the Trump administration is overturned," said one environmental campaigner.

Brett Wilkins ·

Goldman Prize Awarded to Activists Who Showed Nature's 'Amazing Capability to Regenerate'

"While the many challenges before us can feel daunting, and at times make us lose faith, these seven leaders give us a reason for hope and remind us what can be accomplished in the face of adversity."

Julia Conley ·

Sentenced for Coal Blockade, Climate Activists Vow to 'Continue to Do What Must Be Done'

"The judge seemed more concerned that these non-violent activists disrupted profits than the fact that the continued use of coal is causing irreparable harm to the planet," said one supporter.

Julia Conley ·

Campaign Targets 'Toxic' Bond Market for Bankrolling Fossil Fuel Expansion

"Dirty energy companies are using the corporate bond market as the back door to secure large amounts of cash for expansion projects," said one climate activist. "This has so far received too little scrutiny."

Jessica Corbett ·

'We Will Stop the Excavators': Thousands Rally to Save German Village From Coal Mine Expansion

Locals and climate campaigners said "no to the destruction" and "yes to the preservation of Lützerath and the good life for everyone."

Andrea Germanos ·

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