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Despite Oceans 'In Crisis,' Global Treaty Talks Falter

The waters "are responsible for the future and fate of this blue planet, Earth," said one campaigner.

Andrea Germanos ·

Ocean Defenders Reject Deep-Sea Mining Effort by Lockheed Martin

"Mining the deep sea is as destructive as strip mining the mountains of Appalachia, extinguishing whole ecosystems with a single blow."

Brett Wilkins ·

As UN Biodiversity Talks Begin, 360+ Groups Blast Corporate-Backed 'Nature-Based Solutions'

"Corporations and governments must cut carbon emission at source, rather than use NBS for greenwashing," said a Friends of the Earth International campaigner.

Jessica Corbett ·

Conservationists Say Congress Underfunding Species Protection by Hundreds of Millions Despite Biodiversity Crisis

"During a global extinction crisis, it's heartbreaking that Congress continues to underfund this critical work."

Jenna McGuire ·

Petition Calls on Biden to Go Beyond Reversing Trump Policies to 'Save Life on Earth'

"Extinction is not inevitable—it is a political choice," says a new petition calling for bold changes to the Endangered Species Act.

Julia Conley ·

Study Warns of 'Profound' Consequences as Amazon Nears 'Tipping Point'

New research reveals lost rainforest resiliency imperils biodiversity, carbon storage, and the climate "at a global scale."

Brett Wilkins ·

Rich Nations Driving Biodiversity Loss Called to Invest Billions in Developing World

"Wealthy nations must agree to a viable path to direct at least $60 billion in public funding to developing nations," said the head of one conservation group behind the demand.

Jessica Corbett ·

Humanity Subsidizing 'Our Own Extinction,' Warns Study

World governments are spending $1.8 trillion annually to support fossil fuel emissions, deforestation, water pollution, and other harms to biodiversity and the planet.

Julia Conley ·

'A Wake-Up Call to Act Now': Koalas Declared Endangered in Eastern Australia

One campaigner warned that "if we don't address the root cause of their decline, which is habitat loss and climate change, we're just plugging holes in a sinking ship."

Brett Wilkins ·

As Chile Rewrites Constitution, Will Rights of Nature Be Enshrined?

"The current legal system fails to represent the intrinsic value of nature, with laws and decision-makers typically only considering economic or human interests," said one advocate.

Kenny Stancil ·

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