Amazon Rainforest

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Get organized, get active, and join forces in defense of the Amazon and in defense of our future."
Julia Conley, staff writer
"If we don't work together, we are going to die together."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"If the planet could talk, it would be screaming in agony or weeping in despair...


Bad news on all sides on our human propensity for taking without thinking. A new study finds researchers have "grossly underestimated" the impact on the Amazon rainforest of logging and other human activity, even as California park rangers combat a surge in nightime bandits - aka "midnight burlers" - poaching the burl from old-growth redwoods to sell for furniture. The tallest trees on earth, old-growth redwoods once covered almost 2,000,000 acres of California; today, less than 5% of that...