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'Tide Is Turning': Cheers Erupt for NYC's Suit Against Fossil Fuel Giants and Divestment

"We are taking the largest action by any city to confront the growing climate crisis and demonstrate the leadership necessary to win this fight against fossil fuels and the damages they've caused."

Andrea Germanos ·

An Open Letter to Biden: People Are Dying From Petrochemical Plants

President Biden, I am coming to D.C to honor the hundreds of lives that have been taken from us due to the petrochemical and fossil fuel industry.

Sharon Lavigne ·

How We are Fighting the War Machine Locally

Aside from being concerned about the immense influence money has on politics and its effects on democracy, we are also taking issue with the donors themselves, directly associating weapons companies with the conflicts that their weapons fuel.

Samir Muhammad ·

Students at Top Universities Push 'Legal Imperative' of Fossil Fuel Divestment

"Their investments in the fossil fuel industry—an industry whose actions place the health and future of students and the entire planet at risk—amount to nothing less than complicity in the climate crisis."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Historic' NYC Pension Fund Fossil Fuel Divestment Heralded as Model for Others

One activist said this is what "every pension fund can and should" do to address the climate crisis.

Jessica Corbett ·

Despite Climate Imperative, 94% of Analyzed Coal Companies Have No Phaseout Plan

Advocacy group calls on major banks and investors to pull the plug on a planet-wrecking industry that shows no urgency to curb its destruction.

Jessica Corbett ·

Climate Groups Blast ALEC's Model Legislation Targeting Fossil Fuel Divestment

"It's ridiculous that supposedly pro-free market forces are trying to mandate how banks conduct their business. But this farce becomes tragedy when ALEC's work locks in stranded assets and ultimately locks in humanity to more warming, more chaos, and more disasters."

Jessica Corbett ·

Revealed: US Public Pension Funds Are 'Quiet Culprits of Climate Chaos'

One activist called divestment "an ethical responsibility" given that "maintaining the status quo of fossil fuel energy production and investments will unquestionably lead to a self-created catastrophe."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Only the Beginning': Citing Climate and Investment Risks, NY State Pension Fund to Ditch Tar Sands

"Kudos to Tom DiNapoli for making it clear that you can't build your retirement on tar sands."

Andrea Germanos ·

NYC Pension Funds Set 'New Bar for Climate Finance Action' With Approval of $4 Billion Fossil Fuel Divestment

"Fossil fuels are not only bad for our planet and our frontline communities, they are a bad investment," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Jessica Corbett ·

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