Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Bill de Blasio and Sadiq Khan
"Instead of having to move cities, let's move money!"
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
The world's leading asset managers, with trillions of dollars under their...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
house on fire
Widespread support for the Lofoten Declaration comes as world leaders meet in...


You thought Keystone was bad? If approved, Keystone will emit about 24.3 million tons of greenhouse gases, or 1.2 billion over its 50-year life. If approved, two mega coalmines in Australia will emit triple that, or 3.7 billion tons. In honor of that appalling figure and an upcoming National Day of Divestment, action groups have released a great video announcing the coal industry's new Fuck You policy, a "philosophy where we are able straddle the dichotomy between what we know is true and how...