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Media Evasions on Racism and the Role of Derek Chauvin

Although it's acknowledged that Black people and other people of color are consistently at the bottom of the caste system, there's no examination of the powerful interests that put them there.

Jeff Cohen ·

Racial Justice Is a Global Issue

From the pandemic to climate change to police violence, today's crises require global collaboration on a scale never seen before.

Imani Countess ·

We Are Living Through a Time of Fear–Not Just of the Virus, but of Each Other

What the UK's Police and Crime Bill does, like similar legislation in the US and Europe, is to declare some protests as legitimate and others as not.

Jonathan Cook ·

We Must Confront the Ugly Plague of Racism and Hate Crimes

The pandemic and the poisonous rhetoric of Donald Trump have exposed once more the hard work that must be done to bring together an inclusive society.

Jesse Jackson ·

Dear Educators, It Is Time to Fight for Asian America

The racism, the devaluing of life of Asian and Asian Americans, the dehumanizing of immigrant workers, the fetishism of—and violence toward—Asian women have been perpetuated throughout U.S. history.

Wayne Au ·

It's Time to Right This Historic Wrong and Make Washington, DC a State

Make my generation the last to be denied equal representation in Congress. Make sure my future children won’t grow up in the shadows of democracy.

Jamal Holtz ·

Violence Towards Asian Americans Has Skyrocketed

The scapegoating of Asian Americans is taking an ugly, violent turn.

Jesse Jackson ·

International Women's Day Should Reflect a Record of Direct Action, Not Hollow Gestures

COVID-19 is the enemy of us all, but to women it has felt like a meteor made of pure misogyny, shattering our lives on impact.

Marisa Bate ·

Biden Signs Two Executive Orders to Advance Gender Equality on International Women's Day

"Let us recommit to the principle that our nation, and the world, is at its best when the possibilities for all of our women and girls are limitless." 

Jenna McGuire ·

Rand Paul Ripped for 'Completely Disgusting' Transphobic Attack on HHS Nominee Rachel Levine

"It's always interesting how libertarians claim that people should be left alone, but then expect everyone to conform to their personal views."

Brett Wilkins ·

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