Jake Johnson, staff writer
"This is the perfect example of how we should be welcoming all immigrants and refugees to this country."
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A person's shirt reads: " A fossil fuels future is no future. Stop Line 3."
Small defeat for tar sands pipeline welcomed as "such great news"
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
line 3 protest
"He's rightly putting Indigenous rights, our global climate, and the water...


Another one for the party of Gross Old Predators: Jim Knoblach, a powerful, scuzzy Minnesota GOP state rep known for pushing multiple anti-choice bills, abruptly ended his re-election campaign after an MPR story detailed harrowing charges by his grown daughter that he sexually abused her for over a decade. Why don't women report? She did; read of his incessant grinding and touching and kissing even as she sought help from family, school, church and police. A brave young woman.