Jake Johnson, staff writer
Sanders said the former candidates' supporters "understand that we have got to move toward a government which believes in justice, not greed."
Julia Conley, staff writer
"There is an entire community that suffered under her leadership, and she has...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Water protectors on Monday blocked the entrance to an Enbridge terminal in Minnesota to display ongoing opposition to the proposed Line 3 tar sands project.
Police were about to saw off the leg of a tripod from which a protester was...


Another one for the party of Gross Old Predators: Jim Knoblach, a powerful, scuzzy Minnesota GOP state rep known for pushing multiple anti-choice bills, abruptly ended his re-election campaign after an MPR story detailed harrowing charges by his grown daughter that he sexually abused her for over a decade. Why don't women report? She did; read of his incessant grinding and touching and kissing even as she sought help from family, school, church and police. A brave young woman.