Civil Disobedience

Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Attorney General Bill Barr is calling on prosecutors to bring more federal charges against protesters, including for sedition. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)
"Treating protest as a form of sedition won't hold up in court," said the ACLU. "But that is clearly not the point here."
Julia Conley, staff writer
"In the past, folks have claimed to be turned off by the Kaepernick-led...
Lisa Newcomb, staff writer
"This was one of the more violent things I've seen in my years in journalism,"...


After eight months in prison for having the audacity to protest the brutal Israeli occupation with a childlike slap, Palestinian resistance icon Ahed Tamini, who turned 17 in custody, has been released - though not, it must be noted, really freed. In the long tradition of civility by the region's only "democracy," Israel marked her release by changing its time and location three times to avoid publicity, and arresting three artists painting a tribute mural of Tamini on their Apartheid Wall.