Civil Disobedience

Julia Conley, staff writer
As the city's police chief said, "Enough is enough," one organizer lamented that "it didn't end how it started and that's the tragedy of the situation."
Jenna McGuire, staff writer
"(Regan Russell) supported Black Lives Matter, Indigenous rights and she was an intersectional vegan who understood the importance of equality in terms of racial justice and in terms of animal equality."(Photo: Animal Justice)
"She was the most peaceful, logical, kind, compassionate person that I've ever...
Julia Conley, staff writer
A new study offers evidence that widespread wearing of masks at outdoor...


After eight months in prison for having the audacity to protest the brutal Israeli occupation with a childlike slap, Palestinian resistance icon Ahed Tamini, who turned 17 in custody, has been released - though not, it must be noted, really freed. In the long tradition of civility by the region's only "democracy," Israel marked her release by changing its time and location three times to avoid publicity, and arresting three artists painting a tribute mural of Tamini on their Apartheid Wall.