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San Francisco

NY Attorney General Files Federal Lawsuit, Demanding Trump and DeJoy Reverse 'Authoritarian' Changes Made to USPS

"During this critical time, Americans deserve better than a mail slow-down rooted in political gamesmanship."

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Major 'Milestone' for Workers as California Judge Rules Uber and Lyft Must Classify Drivers as Employees

"This is a resounding victory for thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers who are working hard—and, in this pandemic, incurring risk every day—to provide for their families."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Healing the Nation's "Broken and Scattered" Hoop

We are at a reckoning point in history, where we must decide how we will continue as a nation and how we will continue as inhabitants on this planet that supports all of our lives.

Rupa Marya ·

Climate Protesters Call Out 'Hot Air' of Financial Giant During BlackRock Annual Meeting

"The time for rhetoric and baby steps is long gone. BlackRock has to make substantial changes to its entire investment model in order to be the climate leader it claims to be."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

As Gig Workers Struggle Amid Outbreak, California Sues Lyft and Uber for Refusing to Classify Drivers as Employees

"Californians who drive for Uber and Lyft lack basic worker protections... Sometimes it takes a pandemic to shake us into realizing what that really means and who suffers the consequences."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Progressives Declare Victories in San Francisco District Attorney and Seattle City Council Races

"Americans are more humane and compassionate than institutions created and controlled by the powerful few."

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Hundreds of Nurses Stage Die-In in Front of Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco Office

On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that she is "not a big fan of Medicare for All" despite strong support for the proposal among the majority of her caucus, three-quarters of Democratic voters, and two leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Common Dreams staff ·

The Problem With the Blue Angels

Local news media celebrate a dangerous, expensive, military PR event without raising a single question or issue.

Christopher D. Cook ·