Jessica Corbett, staff writer
An Israeli tank
"This unilateral action does nothing to assist in finding a long-term peaceful solution to the conflict in the Middle East."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
The Killers' "Land of the Free" music video
Set to a short film by Spike Lee, The Killers take on Trump's wall, tear-...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Gen Z
Representatives from the Schola Europaea international schools demand leading...


Presser/Russia/Enemy of the American people got you down? Soothe your soul with the enterprising global ridicule raining down on our orange pretender. The Trump trolling, savage to antic, takes new forms daily: Trump Draws, Tiny Trump, Fine Tuned Machine and, now, an entire website of countries from Namibia to Armenia to Iran battling for #2 after America becomes #1 again. Mars - "A sea on Venus? FAKE NEWS" - takes a shot, too.

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