Jake Johnson, staff writer
While the wealth of billionaires increased by $900 billion last year, or $2.5 billion a day, latest Oxfam report on inequality shows "this bonanza has not been felt by the poorest half of the world, which saw its wealth decline by 11 percent."
Jon Queally, staff writer
Why? Because, explains Swiss group, "Trump stands for racism, Islamophobia,...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
protest in Switzerland
"The discussions between the richest one percent of the world and a man who...


Annals In Sneaky Ca pitalism: When is a burger "intellectual pro perty?" When you file its brand fee in a low-tax country to avoid paying higher U.S. taxes on it. Welcome to the machinations of Burger King, McDonalds, Subway and others - with special tricks by Starbucks in the U.K. - wherein fast food chains pay tax rates as low as 2% in Switzerland. One more reason to eat local, from Reuters.