Julia Conley, staff writer
"It is appalling that the VOA' s new boss could be so reckless about the safety of journalists," said PEN America.
Jenna McGuire, staff writer
"(Regan Russell) supported Black Lives Matter, Indigenous rights and she was an intersectional vegan who understood the importance of equality in terms of racial justice and in terms of animal equality."(Photo: Animal Justice)
"She was the most peaceful, logical, kind, compassionate person that I've ever...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We know Trump has been privately musing about how to jail journalists. We know...


Egypt's grotesque sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists to years in prison for doing their job is sparking well-earned outrage, with their boss declaring the decision "defies logic, sense and any semblance of justice.” Hopefully, outrage will likewise greet the news that, the day before, John Kerry was in Egypt assuring al-Sisi the U.S. will be sending Apache helicopters "very, very soon" to add to the $600 million of weaponry we've already sent, now that our two freedom-loving countries...