Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A new lawsuit filed Monday says that Florida, its governor, and numerous state agencies have exercised "deliberate indifference to [plaintiffs'] fundamental rights to a stable climate system in violation of Florida common law and the Florida Constitution." (Photo: Takver/flickr/cc)
According to one of the plaintiffs, "we need to start working together to implement solutions for climate change or the state of Florida won't exist."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Money is all these people understand."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The long-term prospects for the extremist views of movement conservatives on...


A months-long investigation into "perhaps the largest case of contagious fire on record" has found that frenzied Miami police last December fired 377 rounds at a crashed car - hitting several officers and sending neighbors diving to the floor - that killed a robbery suspect and his innocent friend who were both unarmed and trying to surrender. Adrian Montesano, with one prior minor arrest and an apparent drug problem, had allegedly robbed a Walgreens and shot an officer (who later recovered)...