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Ending Poverty in the Richest Country on Earth

Let's be clear: poverty exists because we allow it to exist.

Barbara Lee ·

White Republicans Are Less Supportive of Black Lives Matter After Consuming Right-Wing Media

The attacks on BLM were not limited to Carlson; they went wall-to-wall at Fox.

Julie Hollar ·

The Connection Between Black Lives Matter and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, it is hard not to draw comparisons between Black Lives Matter and growing international solidarity with the Palestinians.

Sharmeen Ziauddin ·

A Third Reconstruction Is Pragmatically Achievable and Could End American Poverty

The Third Reconstruction should aim to end—once and for all—the oligarchy of rich Whites by creating an America in which all are equal at the voting booth, the school, the clinic and the workplace.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

One Hundred Years Later, the Mark of History Still Scars Tulsa Today

No one has been held responsible for the Tulsa massacre that left hundreds of Black people dead and their prosperous community in ruins.

Jesse Jackson ·

Israel's Assault on Gaza by Bomb, Then Slow Strangulation

The risk to Gaza now is the risk of our disengagement before we have brought down the walls. That is the task; nothing less. This time, Gaza must go free.

Marilyn Garson ·

Advocates Applaud State AGs' Call for Review of Proposed 'Cancer Alley' Petrochemical Plant

"I believe that if there's an honest assessment of the environmental racism behind this project's approval then it will never be permitted," said one leading local activist. "We must stop Formosa Plastics."

Brett Wilkins, staff writer ·

Racism, Capitalism, and the Climate Crisis

As we tried to connect the dots between the murder of George Floyd and our work to end the burning of fossil fuels, the connecting thread, without our naming it explicitly, was clearly capitalism.

Cynthia Kaufman ·

'Tortured to Death': Video Showing Fatal Louisiana Arrest of Unarmed Black Man Sparks Outrage

A doctor who examined Ronald Greene's body after the deadly May 2019 encounter said the Louisiana State Police claim that he died in a car crash "doesn't add up." 

Brett Wilkins, staff writer ·

"Roof Knocking" in Gaza and the Myth of the Benevolent Drone

The illusion that war can be made safer and the control of repressed people made kinder through the use of drones only makes war and repression more likely and spawns a cycle of violence that is even more intractable.

Brian Terrell ·