Brett Wilkins, staff writer
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on March 21, 2021. He met with U.S. troops and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to discuss the timeline for an American withdrawal from the war-torn nation. (Photo: Afghan presidency/handout/Andalou Agency via Getty Images)
"If Biden chooses to stay, every dead soldier, every family broken, and every opportunity wasted to build back better at home will rest on his shoulders and taint his legacy."
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
U.S. Soldiers at Forward Operating Base in Baylough, Afghanistan, June 16, 2010. (Photo: DoD/Public Domain)
"This recommendation is a practical guarantee that U.S. troops will be in...
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
CIA-backed death squads in Afghanistan are allegedly behind mass atrocities in the country.
"The CIA has enabled abusive Afghan forces to commit atrocities including...