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US Military Budget Is More Outrageous Than Ever

Spending 12 times as much on our military as Russia didn't prevent a war in Europe. It just deprived us of resources at home.

Lindsay Koshgarian ·

The IMF's New Agreement With Argentina Has Potential to Be a Game Changer

After long pushing failed belt-tightening policies, the International Monetary Fund has agreed to a deal that will allow Argentina's government to pursue a pro-growth strategy.

Joseph Stiglitz ·

The Sacralization of War, American-Style

The violent infrastructure of this nation is like a noxious vine with destructive results for us all, but few connect this to other rising forms of violence in the U.S.

Kelly Denton-Borhaug ·

Fox News' Favorite Economic Pundit Ain’t Joe Manchin. It's Somebody Even Worse

The fact that at virtually every stage in Larry Summers' career he has often been wrong in judgement and key policy prescriptions, means little to Fox News and the Trump policy team.

Joseph K. Ingram ·

Dr. King's 1967 Anti-War Speech Was Unpopular, But Prophetic

He knew that if not resisted, 'adventures like Vietnam' would continue to eat away at American society.

William Hartung ·

A $778 Billion Pentagon Budget Is Our Lump of Coal

As Congress passed a $778 billion war and military budget, about half of which will go to corporate contractors, they failed to pass the Build Back Better plan that costs less than a quarter of that annually, and would have delivered help to millions of people.

Lindsay Koshgarian ·

Guantanamo Hasn't Made Us Safer

What would America look like if we spent $2 billion a day on education, affordable housing, health care, or infrastructure? Wouldn't these things make us safer and more free?

David Potorti ·

The Ongoing Humiliation of Underpaid Teachers Is a National Disgrace

The disrespect for teachers has been a fact of our society for decades.

Steven Singer ·

The US Military Budget in the Form of a Mushroom Cloud

Why it’s time to make deep cuts at the Pentagon.

William Astore ·

Build Back Better or Build More Bombs? The Choice Is Clear

Perennial claims about precision "smart bombs" by the Pentagon and its boosters have been proven false again and again around the world, by the corpses of civilians—dehumanized as "collateral damage"—killed by U.S. weaponry.

Amy Goodman ·

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