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The Tax Loophole You've Probably Never Heard of Is Making the Rich Even Richer

Unless the stepped-up basis loophole is closed, we will soon have a large class of hugely rich people who have never worked a day in their lives.

Robert Reich ·

The Real Purpose of Austerity

Even if everyone agreed that printing another trillion dollars to finance a basic income for the poor would boost neither inflation nor interest rates, the rich and powerful would still oppose it. After all, their most important interest is not to conserve economic potential, but to preserve the power of the few to compel the many.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

Mother’s Day Tears and the Fierce Prophetic Vision of Poor Women

This past year-plus has laid bare the pressures, burdens, and violence that women, especially poor women and women of color, face every day.

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis ·

Trudeau Should Join Biden in Breaking Free of the Suffocating Effects of 'Trickle-Down' Economics

When nations co-operate, corporations have a hard time playing us off against each other in pushing for ever-lower taxes.

Linda McQuaig ·

Biden Deserves Praise for Going Big and Bold on the Economy. Let's Push Him to Go Bigger and Bolder

Our job is to make sure he understands where he falls short—so we can make maximum use of what may well be a once-in-a generation chance to build a truly equitable society.

Karen Dolan ·

Let's Finally End the Insanity of Colossal Military Spending During a Global Health Emergency

Imagine what could be achieved if just a portion of the money spent on military expenditures were pooled into a global fund, and redirected towards ending hunger and massively investing in public health systems.

Sonja Scherndl ·

Biden Is Flirting With a Better Economic Paradigm. Young People Need Him to Commit.

If Biden genuinely wants to serve as a "bridge" to a new "generation of leaders"—as he stated repeatedly during his campaign--then he must leave behind outmoded deficit politics and embrace the THRIVE Act.

Daniel Sherrell ·

Eradicating Child Poverty Beyond the Pandemic

The economic impact of the pandemic has created an opportunity for the federal government to reconsider its traditional responses to poverty and unemployment.

Johnisha Levi ·

Amid Widespread Disease, Death, and Poverty, the Major Powers Increased Their Military Spending in 2020

The existence of widespread poverty in the world's mightiest military powers raises the question of what could have been done to alleviate or eliminate it, if during 2020 they had not poured nearly $1.1 trillion into preparations for war.

Lawrence Wittner ·

How Lifting Children Out of Poverty Today Will Help Them in the Future

When families with young children get access to cash welfare, that support has even been linked to higher earnings in adulthood and longer lives.

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach ·

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