Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A woman holds a sign at a protest of the "Trump tax scam" on Dec.4, 2017. (Photo: CDEL Family/flickr/cc)
New letter warns of conservatives seeing "an excuse for still deeper cuts" to social safety net
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We've seen a Ford victory before, and we fought back. It's time to fight again...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
tear gas
While "inhumane and strikingly antidemocratic" budget cuts are imposed on the U...


Calling on "all citizens, with or without party, with or without a job, with or without hope," a coalition of groups across Europe plan a June 1 demonstration, People United Against The Troika!, to protest austerity measures imposed by the troika of all-powerful financial institutions that have led to unemployment, foreclosures, social inequity and cuts in health care and education, all in the name of a debt crisis that "once again privatizes profits and socializes losses, while demanding...