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United Arab Emirates

'Ending US Complicity in the Yemen War Is NOT Ending the War,' Says Ro Khanna

"The bombing continues. The threat of famine for 16 million continues... We must call on all foreign parties to stop the bombing, funding, and intervention. Only then can we resolve the civil war."

Brett Wilkins ·

'Yet Another Cry for Help': UN Report Warns Millions of Yemeni Children Face Acute Malnutrition

"The increasing number of children going hungry in Yemen should shock us all into action. More children will die with every day that passes without action."

Brett Wilkins ·

To End 'Blank Check' for Saudi-UAE Assault on Yemen, Coalition Demands Biden Permanently Cancel $37 Billion in Arms Sales

"Permanently canceling these transfers is an essential step toward ending the cycle of impunity that U.S. policy has helped create."

Jake Johnson ·

The Bombing of Civilians in Yemen's Civil War Involves Many Actors, Including Defense Contractors at Raytheon

It’s time to confront the powerful interests of the arms industry, stop arms sales to those who are indiscriminately bombing civilians, and end U.S. complicity in the war in Yemen for good.

Shayna Lewis ·

Yemeni Families File Petition Against US for 'Unlawful' Killing of Scores of Relatives

"It's a life with constant fear," one of the petitioners said. "You're always afraid to leave the village because you think you might be mistaken and targeted."

Brett Wilkins ·

Saying 'Peace Not Going to Break Out... Anytime Soon,' Raytheon CEO Sees 'Solid Growth' in Middle East

The head of the world's fourth-biggest arms maker showed no concern that the Saudis can't buy his bombs—for now. 

Brett Wilkins ·

'Good': Anti-War Democrats Applaud Biden for Freeze on US Arms Sales to Saudis and UAE

"This is an important first step in ending our material support for war globally, and the genocide in Yemen in particular," said Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Brett Wilkins ·

As World Demands Peace and Aid for Yemen, Biden Told to 'End Every Aspect of This War'

Over 385 groups from across the globe are calling for an immediate halt to the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition's relentless attack—an armed conflict that is only intensifying the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe.

Jon Queally ·

US Designation of Houthis as 'Terrorists' Is Wrong and Hurts the Most Vulnerable

Ending America's endless wars should mean not only withdrawing troops but also putting an end to the misuse of terrorist designations and the accompanying destructive economic sanctions.

Sarah Leah Whitson ·

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