Campaign Finance

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"If we are going to break the stranglehold of corporate interests over the healthcare needs of the American people," Sanders plans to say in Medicare for All speech, "we have got to confront a Washington culture that has let this go on for far too long."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), pictured here in a hearing on January 30, 2018, announced a $19 million haul in the second quarter for her presidential campaign.
"I am humbled by the depth of grassroots commitment to our campaign."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Sen. Bernie Sanders reported a $24 million haul for his presidential campaign in the second quarter, $18 million of which came from small dollar donations.
"Our strength is in numbers and we have a million person movement committed to...


A year after the death of Aaron Swarz, who convinced him to take up the fight, academic and activist Lawrence Lessig has launched the MAYDAY Citizens' SuperPAC, an ambitious campaign to fight corruption in American politics by raising enough money - starting with $1 million in 30 days - to elect legislators who will pass meaningful campaign finance reform. Likening the effort to leaping off a high building, but also "the beginning of hope," Lessig describes his "unstoppable walk to political...