Campaign Finance

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)
The White House hopeful says her proposed reforms would put power "back where it belongs—in the hands of the people."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The insurance companies are working hard to shift the blame and stop the...
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
The FEC, which regulates elections and campaign finance, is without a quorum after the resignation of one of its members.
"Americans deserve an FEC willing and able to enforce the laws passed by...


A year after the death of Aaron Swarz, who convinced him to take up the fight, academic and activist Lawrence Lessig has launched the MAYDAY Citizens' SuperPAC, an ambitious campaign to fight corruption in American politics by raising enough money - starting with $1 million in 30 days - to elect legislators who will pass meaningful campaign finance reform. Likening the effort to leaping off a high building, but also "the beginning of hope," Lessig describes his "unstoppable walk to political...