Brett Kavanaugh

Julia Conley, staff writer
"Thank you, Dr. Blasey Ford. We are forever grateful for your bravery and voice."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"If Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs ribs I have like dozens of them that I'm not...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The Kavanaugh get out of jail free card starts paying dividends for the Trump...


While we await Kavanaugh's impeachment - and after a spurious swearing-in that deemed him "proven innocent" of "a hoax" enacted by "evil people" - we take succor from a prescient Howard Zinn, who years ago called out the distinction between law and justice. Citing the hypocrisy of the "pious veneration" of an infinitely flexible "rule of law" and judicial system always attuned to politics, he reminded us, "The courts have never been on the side of justice...unless pushed by the people."