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Kaper-Dale Campaign Protests NJ Water Crisis

WASHINGTON - On Wednesday, August 16th, the Kaper-Dale for Governor campaign announced that Milltown and Newark, two New Jersey cities, have equal to or higher water lead toxicity levels than Flint, Michigan.

The event where this announcement was made was held at the NJ Department of Environmental Protection in Trenton, New Jersey. Workers and passersby stopped to witness and join the rally. Workers also sympathized with the protest, but cited their lack of resources as a reason for the problems.

"There is another kind of violence these first weeks of August than what we saw in Charlottesville. The violence of silence. Silence regarding a public health crisis in Newark and Milltown that also threatens all of us," said Seth Kaper-Dale in his speech.

The campaign has announced that it intends to pay Newark residents $15/hr to help increase education about this water crisis.

Kaper-Dale is running for Governor in the Green Party of New Jersey, alongside running mate Lisa Durden, who the campaign calls "a voice for the marginalized, from Black lives to women and children; a voice who puts the last, first."

Other speakers included Barry Bendar, Green Party candidate for Freeholder in Ocean County; Aaron Hyndman, Green Party NJ co-chair and LD 24 Assembly candidate; Troy Knight-Napper, LD 28 State Senate candidate; Sean Stratton LD 18 Assembly candidate; and Carol Gay, Our Revolution Ocean County & NJ Industrial Workers Union.

The general election to elect the next Governor of New Jersey will take place on November 7th.



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