Tulsi Gabbard

Jake Johnson, staff writer
The Hawaii congresswoman said Assange's possible extradition to the U.S. poses a "great threat to our freedom of the press and to our freedom of speech."
Jon Queally, staff writer
For the young, survey suggests, Sanders not too old
Julia Conley, staff writer
"No one is getting an A+ on this climate test just for admitting that the...


Having abandoned any meager pretense of moral principle by choosing "a record amount of money" that doesn't exist over holding the Saudis accountable for a barbarous murder, Trump has now doubled down on his perfidy by THANKING the Saudis for lower oil prices that also don't exist. Intriguingly, his final message to his blood-soaked co-conspirators could serve as the mantra for his loathsome reign - "Let’s go lower!" - even as, lest we forget, Khashoggi's loved ones mourn.