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Vietnam War

Will Unprovoked War With Iran Be Trump's Parting Gift to the World?

I will always regret that I did not do more to stop war with Vietnam. Now, I am calling on whistleblowers to step up and expose Trump’s plans

Daniel Ellsberg ·

Restoring the Soul of America

It’s time for Democrats to matter: to become a party that stands for something again, to be more than simply safe, bipartisan Republicans-lite, whose MO is to offer voters the lesser evil candidate on Election Day.

Robert C. Koehler ·

Fifty Years Later, the Gunfire at Kent State Still Echoes Through America

Today’s pandemic alters our tradition of protest and dissent.

Michael Winship ·

COVID-19 and the Wasting Disease of Normalcy

The pandemic has brought home what the threats of global destruction by climate change and nuclear war should have long ago—that the promises of normalcy will never deliver in the end. 

Brian Terrell ·

Might the Coronavirus Be a Peacemaker?

Could a post-coronavirus planet be one on which the U.S. military and the national security state were no longer the sinkholes for endless trillions of taxpayer dollars that could have been spent so much more fruitfully elsewhere? 

Tom Engelhardt ·

Bernie’s Decision: Retreat Should Not Be Confused with Surrender

In these important battles we wage, we will often lose—but we must not give up.

Norman Solomon ·

Dr. King Called On Us to Express the Better Angels of Our Souls

Dr. King’s commitment provides a wonderful example for all of us, but particularly for the young. By the wisdom of his teaching, the justice of his cause, the intensity of his commitment, he helped transform America.

Jesse Jackson ·